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What our clients are saying...

Hannah S.

Boone, NC

Wow! Radiant Wellbeing is an absolutely incredible experience. I don't have words to describe what a peaceful haven this place is. And the staff is just an added perk. The warmth and kindness of this spa is refreshing and has you feeling rejuvenated. Highly recommend this spa to any and everyone. 5 stars in my book!

Heather H.

Boone, NC

Beautiful and clean facility. Each time I go for treatment staff ensure I feel safe and welcomed, and go beyond just being compliant with CDC guidelines. It is evident that their clients care and comfort is a priority. I have attended multiple Halotherapy treatments and every session has been so unique. Megan, the founder and owner, encourages clients to personalize treatments to make it their own. This has been my favorite thing - the freedom that Halotherapy allows. I have found pain relief from migraines, deep connection with friends and family, and stress relief. What I have valued most is practicing skills of mindfulness during treatments. I struggle with relying on technology to quiet my anxiety; which in the long term has only produced more. I have been able to greatly reduce my screen-time and have improved stress management by strengthening skills of self regulation and ability to stabilize my attention. If you are able to talk with Megan I encourage you to ask her about how Radiant Wellbeing came to be. It is truly a touching story, and you will be able to see her heart in soul in every detail of the business.

Angela Heavner

Boone, NC

Great experience! I had a Halotherapy session and enjoyed some quiet, peaceful time while receiving the benefits of halotherapy. The room is serene, and I left feeling present and relaxed. Megan, the owner, is very knowledgeable and willing to educate her clients.

Michelle Z.

Boone, NC

Radiant Well Being is an amazing, therapeutic sanctuary. Megan is an experienced massage therapist, responsive to her client's unique needs. She's created a therapeutic salt therapy room which in and of itself hosts a warm relaxing atmosphere. It welcomes relaxation, meditative state of mind and healing. It invites you to stretch out and do yoga or kick back and read a book, or find stillness in meditation, all while being immersed in the therapeutic benefit of the salt therapy. Worth checking out. Her air system flushes the room air out and brings new air in, between clients so there is no "sharing air".

Helene H.

Boone, NC

I loved my opening day massage so much, I’m making an appointment for one every month! That’s my kind of New Year’s resolution! What a great way to celebrate 2021!
· Great deals·Professional masseuses ·Luxurious experience·Amazing results·Gift certificates·Nice changing rooms

Katie Greene

Boone, NC

Took advantage of the Valentine’s Day special and had a couples session in the salt therapy room. Cannot say enough positive about the experience - from the cleanliness and professionalism of Megan to the actual healing properties of the therapeutic experience! Highly recommend. Will be back soon!

LouElla South

Boone, NC

Megan is the best. She helped me so much! The experience was a five star

Lindsey Tester

Boone, NC

I had the most perfect morning at Radiant Well-being ! I had a wonderful massage followed by Halotherapy. Everything was so peaceful and relaxing!
I can’t wait to visit again soon!
Thank you Megan for being this to the High Country!

Kim Vallini

Boone, NC

I had a wonderful massage and a Halo therapy session. Megan was wonderful. Can't wait to go back!